Prakrithi & Vikriti

According to Ayurveda, your basic constitution is determined at the time of conception. This constitution is called Prakruti. The term Prakruti is a Sanskrit word that means, “nature” ,”creativity” or “the first creation.” One of the very important concept of Ayurveda is that one’s basic constitution is fixed throughout their lifetime. The combination of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha that was present in the individual at the time of conception is maintained throughout one’s lifetime. This is your base point. Notice that different persons can have different combination of Vata, Pitta and kapha as their basic constitution or Prakruti. Different individuals can have different combination of Vata, Pitta and Kapha as their basic constitution or Prakruti. This is how Ayurveda explains the subtle differences between individuals. This also explains why everyone is unique and that two individuals can react very differently when exposed to the same condition.
Vikrithi is the current state of imbalance of an individual.It is influenced by many factors like food, emotions,environment,seasons etc.Therefore Ayurveda recommends daily routine,seasonal routine and specific foods and  lifestyle to suit the constitution of an individual to balance the internal environment.Our body has the ability to balance the internal environment ,but when we go out of rhythm for longer periods of time,then we develop various illnesses.